Jump to it: Children’s Therapy Centre has a new trampoline


Children’s Therapy Centre is pleased to announce that Vuly Play, Australia’s leading manufacturer of trampolines and outdoor play equipment, has kindly donated an Ultra Medium Trampoline (valued at over $849) to benefit the children.

Our Children’s Therapy Centre team is very proud to have helped thousands of children over the past thirty years – and we are continually grateful for the vital community support we receive.

The new trampoline is now installed at the Kawana Children’s Therapy Centre, and will assist clients to develop useful skills and abilities including:

  • Developing core and gross motor skills
  • Increasing fitness and cardiovascular capacity
  • Building strength and flexibility in key muscle groups
  • Assisting clients in our Transition To Prep program by building social skills and providing opportunities to practice sharing and patience in a fun environment.

We are excited to incorporate our new trampoline into the children’s programs, and can’t wait to see the benefits this versatile equipment will provide.

Thank-you Vuly Play once again for your very generous donation!


Out of the mouths of babes


By Debbie Blumel CEO

I overheard an intriguing conversation yesterday while standing at the photocopier in Reception. A Mum came to the counter and signed-in for her son’s appointment. Sarah, our friendly receptionist, welcomed her and mentioned that Mum was a bit early. “Yes”, laughed the Mum, “My son makes me arrive early so he has more time playing in the centre!” The little fella had wasted no time and was already very busy exploring the toys in the waiting room.

It made me think about how children see us. This boy is attending Children’s Therapy Centre to benefit from Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Physiotherapy funded by the NDIS. But he doesn’t know that – he doesn’t know what ‘therapy’ is.

What he sees are wonderful toys to feel and squish and taste and throw. His imagination turns those toys into anything or anyone he wants them to be – whatever he chooses, no ‘mistakes’. It’s all simple and uncomplicated. And he was choosing to have some additional unstructured time in the Children’s Therapy Centre and even organized his Mum get here early. I give him 10 out of 10 for achieving his goals!
But then it gets even better. A kind woman or man (therapist) appears and walks him into an Aladdin’s cave (therapy room), and devotes 45 minutes of attention solely to him. They play with coloured sand, pop-up toys, electronic gadgets, and pretty coloured toys that smell good enough to eat. It just doesn’t get any better!
“Please Mum, can we go to Children’s Therapy Centre early today so I have more time to play?”
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