Speech & Language Pathology

We assess and treat a wide range of communication and feeding challenges to enable your child to flourish in their home and community environments.

The Children’s Therapy Centre offers a wealth of experience in the areas of communication and childhood feeding disorders. Communication is very complex and starts well before talking. It starts very early and is a complex integration of what babies first hear, see, smell, touch, and feel to gain reactions to and from their family and environment.

We work very closely with you, your child and the other therapists to help your child achieve best outcomes in our complex world of communication.

Some children will be able to chat in sentences, some will learn to sign, use photos, symbols, pictures or communication devices and communication apps to talk with their families, friends and teachers.

At the Children’s Therapy Centre we can assess and treat a wide range of communication and feeding skills, including:

  • delayed language development. We all need to know what words mean, how words go together, and what phrases are socially appropriate to use at certain times. Some children have difficulty understanding what is said to him or her (receptive language delay) and/or have difficulty sharing thoughts and feelings (expressive language delay), ultimately affecting communication skills and participation in life and academic success.
  • speech sounds difficulties
  • feeding and swallowing concerns
  • social and interpersonal skill development

We often work with the Occupational Therapists to determine the best options for accessing technology and assistive devices and software to facilitate communication, literacy and learning.

We work from a play based model of intervention as children learn and understand best when engaged in things they like and are relevant to their everyday lives.

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