We offer challenging play based therapy to achieve gross motor goals. We work on posture and gait training, reaching milestones, strength and endurance that all develop confidence in new found skills.

The physiotherapist team at the Children’s Therapy Centre is dedicated to helping your child maximise their potential in a fun and interactive way. We work alongside Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists to ensure a holistic approach to early development.

Physiotherapy will work towards developing gross motor skills and postural control. Our detailed assessment will look at posture, musculoskeletal development, gait, tone, strength, joint range of motion and gross motor skills. Treatment is play based and fun as well as hard work and will strive to develop confidence with new found skills. Our therapists will provide the family with an appropriate home exercise program and necessary tools and equipment if needed.

If your child requires any aids or assistive devices, our physio team is skilled to assess individual needs and prescribe appropriately. All our physiotherapists are registered with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and adhere to continuing professional development, to ensure up to date, evidence based treatment practices. We will work with families and carers to ensure the best possible outcome for your child.

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