Family Services

We help families cope with their individual challenges, giving them peace-of-mind and enabling them to fully foster their child’s potential to lead full and rich lives.

The Family Services Coordinator, Shivawn Davis, is responsible for the coordinating and reviewing of family services provided at the Centre and:

  • ensures all families have their needs assessed in order to assist family services in determining priority and support required by the family
  • ensures eligibility and intake processes are adhered to along with the CEO and Practice Manager

The Family Services team assist families by:

  • supporting families in times of crisis
  • offering counselling when required/needed
  • developing family service plans in conjunction with the therapy teams
  • developing behaviour support plans
  • assisting with funding applications
  • linking families to relevant resources
  • sharing information and resources
  • arranging information sessions
  • arranging parenting workshops and support groups
  • arranging outings for sibling
  • working closely with other organisations to enhance services
  • connecting families to each other
  • Networking in the community

Family Services Team: Shivawn Davis and Marlene de Beer

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